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Everything you need to know about School Suspension in 2022

What are the trends in exclusion?

For school leaders, teachers, governors and parents.

Data is from the July 2022 DfE release.


An Inspiring Teacher and her impact on young lives: Boo Spurgeon

A mysterious change among young people in one part of north Sheffield….

What was behind this?

The answer is an inspiring teacher…


School Governors: Asking the right questions about mental health

Schools are a front line service.

So, what role do school governors have when it comes to mental health?

What questions can governors ask to support the mental health of both pupils and staff?


Does your Child need a COVID-19 test?

Does your child need a COVID test?

We created this free booklet, designed to help them understand testing and answer their questions.

Written in partnership with Widgit Online – our favourite producer of visuals.


Advice & Support: Staff members being a witness at court

Staff hope they’ll never need to attend court as part of their job.

If they do need to appear as a witness, here’s 5 tips to help.


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