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SEND Governor Questions: Five great tips for meetings with SENDCos

Are you a SEND Governor?

Do you need to meet your SENCo?

Don’t start from scratch, start from this…


80 of the most common SEND terms explained: A free guide

SEND Terms…

There’s more jargon than you think!

This free guide helps everyone to better navigate the SEND maze.


Everything you need to know about School Suspension in 2022

What are the trends in exclusion?

For school leaders, teachers, governors and parents.

Data is from the July 2022 DfE release.


How to write outstanding school SEND Policies & SEND Information Reports

Tips and Tools for SEND documents that people keep on reading.

For academies and maintained schools.

Primary, secondary and special schools.


Can someone with ADHD or autism join the armed forces?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Autism or ADHD are not instantly rejected.

But that doesn’t mean they will be accepted. Click to read more.


SEND Information Reports: What must schools include? A Quick Guide

What must you include in your SEND information report?

Checklists to dowload plus a few helpful extras – for schools, academies and PRUs.


How to write accessible documents for people with dyslexia or visual impairment

Seven tips to make your school’s documents more accessible.

It focuses on online documents. These form a large part of a school’s information for new parents and carers.


School Governors: Asking the right questions about mental health

Schools are a front line service.

So, what role do school governors have when it comes to mental health?

What questions can governors ask to support the mental health of both pupils and staff?


Does your Child need a COVID-19 test?

Does your child need a COVID test?

We created this free booklet, designed to help them understand testing and answer their questions.

Written in partnership with Widgit Online – our favourite producer of visuals.


SEND & LGBTQ: How to help SEND youngsters understand LGBTQ+

Need to support SEND kids to learn about sexuality and gender?

Here’s books and links to help work through the knowledge they need.

As featured at the SAYiT conference on SEND & LGBTQ+.


Ofsted Framework: Did they listen to advice about SEND?

Ofsted run consultations each time they release a new handbook.

Did they listen to the needs of children with hearing impairments and visual impairments?

Yes – Click to read more.


SEND Tribunal: What are the costs of EHCP disagreement?

The SEND Tribunal is an independent body that makes decisions on EHCPs.

Before either side goes to a SEND Tribunal, it’s useful to see both sides, including some of the hidden costs.


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