Does your Child need a COVID-19 test?

If they are worried about the COVID test, then help is at hand.

COVID Test Widgit InPrint image for additional needs autism, dyslexia, learning difficulties, ASD, SCLN etc

Swabs are part of the COVID test process. Putting a swab in your nose or mouth is frightening for some children and adults.

We worked with Widgit, the UK software pioneer, to create these easy-read texts.

The free downloads explain COVID tests to young children and those with SEND. This can make the test a little less frightening for them.

Two versions are available, depending on how the COVID test will be carried out:

Who will these help?

Typically, the downloads will help those with additional needs or who are under 5. This includes children and adults who have:

Can children can get a COVID test?

Under 16s can have COVID tests.

If in doubt, a parent or carer should always get advice from NHS 111.

The latest NHS guidance on children and coronavirus is here. It has advice for when to immediately call 111 or your GP. It also tells you when you should call 999.

Children do not need to have all the symptoms of coronavirus. Tests are available even if a someone only has one of the three main symptoms. The three main symptoms are:

Everyone in the household should stay at home until the test result is confirmed.

Even more COVID support for SEND

Widgit has lots of help for those with SEND, including dealing with bad news, Covid symbols, and boredom busters.

Where can I get more info?

  • Aaron King, Director

    With over 20 years experience of working with children & young people in both mainstream and SEND settings, Aaron King is the driving force behind 9000lives.

    Aaron has written for the TES, including in the Leadership & Governance sections. He has also been a school governor for around 15 years.

  • Aaron King

    Aaron King Director

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