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Governing Body Self-Evaluation: Simple to complete, collate, and use to plan

Do you ask over 100 questions?

Or, can you do your Governing Body audit in less than two pages?



How to write an outstanding SEND Policy & SEND Information Report

Tips and Tools for SEND documents that people keep on reading.

For academies and maintained schools.

Primary, secondary and special schools.


Write accessible documents for people with dyslexia or visual impairment

Seven tips to make your school’s documents more accessible.

It focuses on online documents. These form a large part of a school’s information for new parents and carers.


School Governors: Asking the right questions about mental health

Schools are a front line service.

So, what role do school governors have when it comes to mental health? And, what questions can they ask to support mental health of pupils and staff?


Schools, Face masks and Seatbelts

Face masks have become compulsory in shops in England.

So what next for schools?

And what can we learn from when we needed to belt up?



Ofsted Framework: Did they listen to advice about SEND?

Ofsted run consultations each time they release a new handbook.

Did they listen to the needs of children with hearing impairments and visual impairments?

Yes – Click to read more.


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