Chat GPT: How can schools use it to make a better world for pupils?

Chat GPT is one of the best Artificial Intelligance (AI) products. At the time of writing (spring 2023), it is free and is gaining lots of attention. This article covers a few basics, plus practical examples of using AI to make schools even more inclusive for SEND pupils.

What is Chat GPT?

It’s a website that allows you to ask questions (known as prompts) and get responses. The computers that power the website have read a massive amount of text and have learned to write – often as well as humans.

For example:

How is Chat GPT different to Google?

When you type your query into Google, you get a list of all the existing websites that Google thinks might answer your query. Google finds things that have already been written…
On the other hand, Chat GPT is a computer that uses everything it’s read to answer your query itself.

What Chat GPT and Google have in common is that, very soon, both will be used in classrooms on a daily basis and both will be taught to primary aged children.

How do I get onto it?

Easy. Google ‘Chat GPT,’ then click through the links to set up an account. Accounts are especially easily to set up if you have a Outlook or Gmail account. Alternatively, click here.

Here’s a Chat GPT example

I want to generate vocab for SEND pupils to use when writing. Prompts can be written as questions, but they don’t have to be. You can simply tell it to do something – and here’s me telling it to make me a word bank for work on LEGO origins.

Chat GPT Training handouts

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Chat GPT guides for Schools

These guides have lots more examples of AI use for schools.

SENCO Wellbeing

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Sometimes SENCOs need to divert staff to others who are better placed to support…

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